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zoning system design detroit michiganEfficient zoning system design is important for maximum home comfort all year long. It can lower your utility bills and enhance the function of your heating and cooling systems. Use these design essentials for your Metro-Detroit home zoning system. 

Zoning system design

A zoning system is a network of motorized ductwork doors that regulate the airflow to each zone, one or more rooms or areas in your home. A thermostat is installed in each zone, which signals the duct doors to open or close as needed to meet the programmed temperature.

Use these zoning system design tips for maximum efficiency:

  • Thermostats need to be installed in the area most often occupied in each zone. Avoid installing thermostats in direct sunlight, near outside access doors (including doors to an attached garage) and in direct line of air-supply registers. You may want to consider installing programmable thermostats, or the latest “smart” thermostats, for optimal comfort, energy efficiency and convenience.
  • All rooms and areas for a zone should be contained on the same floor for multilevel homes. Warm air naturally rises, and this will compromise the effectiveness of your zoning system if a zone spans more than one level.
  • Work with your HVAC professional to ensure the motorized duct doors are installed at the inner duct branches closest to the air handler. This reduces hinderance to airflow.
  • Each zone needs to have two or more air-supply registers to ensure optimal air circulation through your home. This helps reduce the load on HVAC systems and provides balanced air pressure, a necessity for avoiding HVAC pressure drop and forced-air infiltration with outdoor air.
  • Group rooms and areas with similar solar-heat exposure in the same zone. Sunlight significantly impacts room temperatures, even if sun-blocking window coverings and methods are used.
  • Perform an energy evaluation of your home. Seal leaks and cracks around windows, doors, attic hatches, basement doors and vents. Install extra insulation if needed. Sealing your home ensures a more efficient and accurate zoning system design.

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