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Air Conditioning Installation
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Getting an A/C replacement isn’t quite like selecting a new piece of furniture or home entertainment system. When making your choice, you must consider factors that influence performance, efficiency and comfort. That’s why it’s a good idea to consult with professionals who have years of experience in selecting the right A/C replacements for Novi and Lake Orion homeowners like you.

AC Installation, Done Right.

A professional technician will take the time to properly size your replacement air conditioner. The correct size will depend on your home’s unique cooling load–the amount of energy required to keep your building comfortable. A complicated set of equations and measurements gauge the cooling load in each individual room, as well as through the whole house.

If your A/C replacement isn’t sized in proportion to your needs, you’ll be paying more than necessary on utilities, and premature system failure becomes an issue. Keeping these operating costs down and getting the most out of your equipment is also why you should have your system professionally installed. (Not to mention that many warranties become invalid if the equipment isn’t installed by trained technicians.)

After your new A/C is sized and installed, make sure you keep it efficient (and keep utility bills low) with seasonal maintenance. Maintenance for an air conditioner prior to the upcoming cooling season increases system efficiency, lowers your summer cooling bills, and reduces the likelihood of a breakdown. While you can check the filter yourself–and you should do so once a month–you can’t cover every aspect of maintenance.

Aladdin’s AC Installation Technicians Have You Covered!

The following is a shortened list of the checks we provide to ensure your air conditioner functions properly:

  • Make sure refrigerant levels are stable and repair any leaks
  • Test for proper airflow capacity through the cooling coil
  • Clean the entire system, especially the more delicate components like the coil fins, to facilitate airflow and maximize performance
  • Check all electrical components for proper and safe voltage levels, making adjustments where necessary
  • Add lubrication where necessary, especially in parts like the blower motor and condenser fan motor
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If you’re considering an A/C replacement this year or if you need an ac repair, call Aladdin Heating & Cooling. We’ve been serving Novi and Lake Orion since 1945, and you can trust our professional team to help you stay cool and save money all summer long!

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