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Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners

In Southeast Michigan’s Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties, a properly functioning air conditioner can mean the difference between a good night’s rest or a terrible night of tossing and turning due the summer heat and high humidity. Whether you have a 500 square foot home or a 5,000 square foot home, it’s equally important that when you’re in it… you’re comfortable.

A correctly designed system will maintain a comfortable temperature while maximizing efficiency, reducing the number of needed repairs, and keeping maintenance costs low.

Aladdin Heating & Cooling goes to great lengths to ensure that every air conditioning system we install is properly designed for the home!

How To Properly Size An Air Conditioner

Unfortunately, a LOT of companies today use rules-of-thumb to size air conditioning systems. Many companies only ask the homeowner, “How many square feet do you have?” Contractors that size air conditioning systems based solely on the square footage of the home are not taking into consideration any of the other factors that allow heat to enter the home. If the air conditioner is not sized properly, it will not cool enough and in many cases it will use excessive electricity to operate.

AC Load Calculation

The most accurate way to size an air conditioning system for a home is by a method called the “Manual J” or “Load Calculation.” This formula is an internationally recognized method for sizing heating and cooling systems used by Architects, Engineers, and Aladdin Heating & Cooling alike. A load calculation takes into consideration complex factors such as the following:

A Southern exposed window allows more heat to enter the house on a summer day than a Northern exposed window. Likewise, the home requires a larger air conditioner if the home was built in the 1950s and has very little insulation versus a home that was built 15 years ago.

Our formula looks at every detail of your house, including its square footage, how much insulation is present, how many windows it has, what size the windows are, what direction those windows face, what type of windows are present, is the house on a crawlspace, slab, or a basement. All of these factors and many more work together to determine what type and size of air conditioner you need.

How To Get More Cool Air Upstairs

A warm upstairs is created by a number of factors. Heat naturally rises to the second floor of a home. Conversely, any cool air that is delivered to the second floor will naturally fall to the first floor. Many homes in Southeast Michigan were built with inadequate ductwork to the second floor of the home. Instead of removing drywall and adding additional ductwork to the second floor which is very expensive and time consuming, we often install backward-incline booster fans (NOT propeller driven fans) that operate simultaneously with the furnace blower to increase air flow to the second floor. This creates a comfortable sleeping environment.

Buying a New Air Conditioner

100% Free Estimates For New Heating and Cooling Equipment
Aladdin Heating & Cooling provides 100% FREE estimates for replacement of cooling equipment. We understand that this is a big financial decision. We will show you why we are the best option you can select for your project. Free of charge, we provide a detailed, analytical look at your home’s specific cooling requirements and then provide our recommendation of the best products and brands to suit those needs.

We install, service, and repair:

  • Air conditioners
  • Heat pumps
  • Mini-split air conditioners
  • Packaged air conditioning units
  • Geothermal systems
  • Through-wall-air conditioner units
  • Dehumidification systems
  • And so much more!
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