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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

In order to get the most value out of your heating and cooling dollar, take a moment to consider some simple strategies to conserve energy. The whole-house approach is a way of looking at your entire home from top to bottom, considering all possibilities for reducing wasted energy.

A quick walk around your home will locate gaps which allows temperature controlled air to escape and outside air to draft. Seal leaks around doors and windows and cracks in insulation or blocks with insulation or caulk. Make sure all windows and doors are closed tightly and consider replacing older windows. Talk to your Aladdin HVAC technician about blown-in insulation for your attic.

Use draperies, curtains and blinds to help with heating and cooling. Close them during summer months to prevent the sun from overheating your house. Open them during the winter months to utilize the sun’s warmth.

Set your HVAC system to “auto” so the fan operates only when necessary, rather than in the “on” setting which operates the fan at all times. Turn off kitchen, bath and other exhaust fans within twenty minutes after you finish cooking or bathing.

By combining proper equipment and sticking to an annual maintenance schedule, you’ll keep your HVAC system running at peak performance. Clean or replace filters on furnaces and air conditioners monthly or as recommended Clean warm-air registers, baseboard heaters and radiators when necessary. Make sure your registers are not blocked by furniture, carpeting or drapes.

Don’t settle for a heating and cooling system without the ENERGY STAR label. Carrier products carrying the ENERGY STAR label meet rigid standards for energy efficiency. When considering a new furnace, look for a high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) Ratings. The national minimum is 78%. Newer, ENERGY STAR models exceed 90% AFUE. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, look for a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The current minimum is 13 SEER for central air conditioning. ENERGY STAR models are a minimum of 14 SEER.

Take the time to adjust your thermostat when you’ll be out of the house or sleeping. Consider installing a programmable thermostat to adjust your interior temperature automatically. Even small changes in temperature settings over a period of hours can add up to noticeable savings on your utility bills.

Save money and increase the comfort of your home by investing a bit of time and effort. The certified technicians from Aladdin Heating & Cooling will be happy to discuss the many ways to reduce both energy use and environmental impact while still achieving superior temperature control at affordable prices.

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