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Add on a new internet enabled thermostat WITH a professional installation for only $250 (after $100 utility rebate, see other details at bottom of page)

Benefits include:

  • CONVENIENCE: Ability to check and change the temperature from abroad without having to send Wireless Thermostatsomeone over to the home. Remember that time you left town and forgot to lower the thermostat? Problem solved.
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME: Get low temperature alerts if your house house drops below 45 degrees. Have you heard that horror story of the family that leaves town for a winter vacation, the furnace quits working, and they return home to a frozen house with burst water lines? That story is an unfortunate reality for a handful of people each year. Don’t let it be your story. With an active wi-fi internet connection, this thermostat will alert you if the temperature in your home drops below 45 degrees, giving you time to get someone over to the home to address whatever problem there may be.
  • SAVE MONEY! Program the thermostat to raise or lower the temperature to save you money when you’re not home. All without having to lift a finger… except maybe to count the money you saved.

This $250 thermostat (with installation) offer is a net, installed cost after applicable current utility rebates, totaling $100 (initial cost of thermostat is $350). Aladdin will apply for and submit the utility rebates for you if proper account numbers and customer names are provided for each utility company). Utility company rebates are subject to utility company terms and conditions. This offer is only good if performed at the same time as another service such as a furnace tune-up, air conditioner tune-up, furnace service call/repair, or air conditioner service call/repair. Rare installation conditions may require additional wiring to be done between the thermostat and the air handling unit. This additional wiring work would require additional fees. The technician on site can quickly assess if extra wiring work is needed, if it’s feasible, and what that additional cost would be prior to performing the thermostat installation.

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