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When it’s time for A/C maintenance, call Aladdin Heating & Cooling. We’ve been serving the Rochester, Rochester Hills, Utica, and Shelby Twp. areas since 1945, and we’ll be happy to help your household stay cool and comfortable without spending a bundle.

Our A/C Service Will Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly For Years to Come!

After winter hibernation, your A/C could use a little attention to get it ready for the cooling season and if the early warm weather is anything to go by, it’s going to be an intense cooling season!

Why do you need air conditioner maintenance if the A/C hasn’t been used in months?

Even when it’s not in regular use, the air conditioner sits outside where it can be damaged by the weather, by outdoor animals creating nests or chewing through wires, and the unit can gather dust which can cause lower efficiency. Dust and grimy buildup are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to reduced performance and unnecessarily high cooling payments. The layers of dirt impede airflow and increase friction between parts.

Some parts of your system are actually used year round, like the blower. Your furnace sends heated air through the blower during the heating season. When it’s time for A/C maintenance, we’ll inspect these heavily-used parts to ensure your entire system is in tip-top shape for maximum efficiency.

Here are a few things you can expect when it’s time for A/C maintenance:
  • Your technician will inspect and clean the coils, including the tightly-spaced fins. So much dirt can accumulate in the small gaps between fins that airflow is almost completely blocked.
  • The level of refrigerant will be gauged. Ideally, refrigerant levels remain stable. If it’s too low, there’s probably a leak.
  • All the electrical components will be tested for safe, appropriate performance and voltage levels. If necessary, connections will be adjusted to improve efficiency.
  • Motors and belts will be checked for wear and tear. Lubrication will be added, and belts will be replaced if they’re damaged.
  • Your air filter will be checked and changed if it’s too full. You should check the filter monthly yourself, but your technician will also do it when it’s time for A/C maintenance.
Battling Dust

Dust, as any homeowner around Birmingham, Royal Oak, and Berkley knows, gets everywhere. It finds its way into the smallest nooks and crannies, creating an unsightly nuisance that can reduce indoor air quality and even cause respiratory problems. Your air conditioner doesn’t like dust any more than you do. Dust gets into even the smallest spaces in the equipment and impedes A/C performance.

One way dust reduces A/C performance is by obstructing airflow. Your system was designed to handle airflow at a specific velocity and volume. If too much dust is coating the evaporator and condenser coils, the air can’t move at the rate the system was designed for. Dust affects the ability of refrigerant to remove heat and moisture from the air. It can also easily clog the small, tight gaps between coil fins, almost blocking airflow altogether.

When dust accumulates on equipment, it acts in an abrasive manner, which decreases A/C performance and leads to premature breakdowns. Parts which were designed to move smoothly together wind up grinding against one another, increasing wear and tear. You may find yourself needing new parts–or a whole new system–when a little preventive maintenance could have removed the dust and added years to the equipment’s lifespan.

Dust gets in the way of efficient A/C performance By:
  • Building up to a thick, grimy layer between coil fins, blocking airflow. If left unattended, this tightly packed grime can cause ice to develop within certain air conditioner components which can lead to serious repairs.
  • Accumulating on the evaporator coil which prevents maximum heat and moisture removal.
  • Coating the fan in the blower and weighing it down which can reduce overall air flow through duct-work and can cause premature blower motor failure.
  • Clogging the air filter, so only a small volume of air can pass through the filter at a slow rate.
  • Building up on voltage connections and other elements which impedes electrical function.

We offer professional AC Service

The best way to deal with the dust that settles all through your system is with professional cleaning and maintenance. Call Aladdin Heating & Cooling, and we’ll ensure you get the efficient A/C performance you deserve. We’ll be happy to help!

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