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What is a Zone Damper?If you’ve never heard of zone damping, you may be needlessly wasting money every month on your heating and cooling bills. Read on for a quick overview on what zone dampers are and how they can improve the efficiency of your Farmington home. 

What It Is

In simplest terms, a zone damper is a device that regulates the flow of air throughout the rooms in your home, allowing you to achieve the perfect combination of efficiency and home comfort. Almost all forced air systems rely on a single thermostat to heat or cool the entire house. Dampers enable you to control the air in each room of your home separately, ensuring a greater level of comfort and increased energy efficiency. Think of a damper as you would a light switch; instead of turning on a master switch to light up every room in your house, you prefer to have a separate light switch for every room. A damper allows you to heat every room separately, as a light switch allows you to illuminate them separately.

How Zoning Can Benefit You

Almost every homeowner can benefit by investing in a zone damper. If you’re still on the fence about how zoning can improve your life, check out some of the positive changes that you can expect after installation:

  • Comfort according to your needs. With a zone damper you no longer have to tolerate a hot kitchen or icy cold bedroom. You decide upon the temperature for each room.
  • Big savings on your utility bills. While every situation is unique, some homeowners have reported a 20 to 30 percent savings on utility costs after installing a damper.
  • Convenience. You can control the temperature of each room in your Shelby Township home without having to go to another room to change the thermostat.

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