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A whole-house humidifier offers homeowners in the Grosse Point, Troy and Warren areas access to a properly humidified home during winter, ensuring a comfortable space and savings on energy bills. In addition, a whole-house humidifier can help prevent damage to the home when conditions are overly dry, and prevent health problems that stem from dry nasal passages. However, in order to achieve the comprehensive benefits that a whole-house humidifier offers, regular maintenance is a must.

Learn the tasks your HVAC contractor will do during annual maintenance for a whole-house humidifier to preserve the system and ensure peak home comfort:

  • Change the water panel. Much like an HVAC filter, the water panel filters impurities from the water that travels through the humidifier, collecting scale and minerals over time. If the water panel isn’t changed, it will eventually clog, and prevent the flow of water through the unit.
  • Clean the orifice. This device meters the flow of water that can move into the water distribution tray. Scale buildup will prevent water from accessing the tray, and the unit’s supply will be diminished.
  • Check the water pressure. To ensure efficient operation, the technician will make sure the operating pressure is not too high, which can lead to leaks.
  • Clean or replace the drain line. The drain line requires the right slope and clear passage so that water drains freely, and to prevent air from accessing—and blocking—the drain. If air gains access to the line, water will back up in the drain, and the unit will either leak or become damaged. The technician should either replace the drain line annually, or flush it out with water and ensure that it’s straight.
  • Check the solenoid valve. Water must flow through the solenoid valve freely. A piece of dirt or buildup can cause the solenoid valve to leak, stopping the valve from fully closing. To check its condition, the technician will backwash the area to flush out any dirt.

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