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A Whole-House Humidifier Can Make This Winter Your Most Comfortable EverA whole-house humidifier can be your ticket to much more comfort this winter. The easiest way to avoid excessively dry air is to use a whole-house system that works silently to raise the humidity to a level at which you’re comfortable. Heating systems dry the air, and it creates an unhealthful environment for you, your things and your home.

The healthiest humidity levels range between 30 and 50 percent. Anything lower than 30 percent promotes dry and chapped skin, sore throats, sinus problems and even nose bleeds. You’ll also feel warmer when the humidity is higher, helping you save energy on heating bills.

The dry air is also hard on anything made from wood, causing it to shrink or crack. Static electricity is also a problem for electronics that use low-voltage components. Even small sparks can disable computers and other devices. Bacteria and viruses spread more quickly in dry air, which is why the cold months are the cold and flu season.

A whole-house system is the easiest and most energy-efficient way to deliver humidified air throughout your home if you have a forced-air system. The humidifier attaches to your blower and sends water vapor through your ducts. The level is controlled by a humidistat, similar to a thermostat. Some humidistats sense the temperature outdoors and adjust the humidity level indoors. As the weather cools outside, less humidity is needed indoors and may cause condensation on your windows indoors.

Whole-house systems tap into the water supply and need cleaning and inspection infrequently. If your water is exceptionally hard, you may need to check the humidifier’s pad each month. A whole-house humidifier won’t raise your energy bills nearly as much as having several portable units. They are quiet and don’t take any livable space away from your home. Since they’re tucked next to the blower, there’s nothing to trip over and you won’t have to worry about spilled water.

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