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Nobody likes flu season, and 2013 has brought in an especially bad one: the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported in January that influenza has already reached epidemic levels this year. Germs and viruses like the flu thrive in cold weather, and you need a strategic ally to help protect your family.  Look to whole-house humidification as a source of relief from the discomforts of winter.

Cold, thin winter air holds less moisture than warm air, and running your furnace adds warmth, but no humidity, drying out the air even more before circulating it through your home. Any available moisture in your body is quickly sucked out by the desert-like atmosphere. Your nose and throat dry out and the thin lining of mucus that protects your nasal passages disappears, making you more vulnerable to germs. The dry air also quickly sucks the moisture out of the droplets that are expelled when someone sneezes or coughs, allowing the germs inside to float free throughout your home while they look for a breeding ground. Your dry, cracked nasal passages and throat provide the perfect place for the virus to stick as you breathe it in.

Fortunately, a whole-house humidification system can be integrated into your existing heating system, allowing you to add just the right amount of moisture to the warm air before it circulates throughout your home. You can adjust the moisture level to a balance that keeps you comfortable and reduces the risk that airborne germs will spread without adding so much as to risk causing mildew or other side effects of high humidity. Whole-house humidification can also prevent dryness in your nasal passages, helping you breathe easier. Adding moisture to the air even makes your home feel warmer.

To learn more about how whole-house humidification can help you stay healthy this winter, and other ways to keep your home comfortable all year long, contact us for expert advice and service. Since 1945, Aladdin Heating & Cooling has provided trusted residential commercial, and industrial HVAC sales and services to customers in the Detroit area, including Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties.

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