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Is a Whole-House Fan a Good Choice for Your Home?If you’re tired of paying big energy bills to stay comfortable during the cooling season, you should consider installing a whole-house fan. There are different types of these fans available, but they all work on the same premise — drawing in cooler outdoor air through open windows to replace warmer indoor air. The fan circulates air through the living areas and up to the attic where it’s exhausted through roof and attic vents.

How to Benefit From a Whole-House Fan

You can lower your cooling-related energy bills by up to 90 percent by operating a whole-house fan whenever it’s cooler outdoors than inside your home, and when outdoor temperatures don’t exceed 85 degrees. Here’s how to use the fan as a complement to the A/C during the warmer months:

  • In the late spring, early fall and on milder summer days, open your windows and run the fan all night, then close up the house during the day and you may not need the A/C at all.
  • In the summer, run the fan for a half-hour early in the morning and again after dark to clear out stifling hot air and reduce the A/C’s work load during the day.

Not only can this type of ventilation save on energy costs, it also cools down the attic so it can help extend the life of your roof. Since it gives the air conditioner a break, a whole-house fan can also help prolong its service life. Best of all, it’s a greener home cooling alternative that reduces your carbon footprint.

Fan Installation Considerations

To ensure you choose the right size and type of fan, hire an experienced HVAC contractor to handle the installation. A pro can also ensure proper placement and attic ventilation so the fan operates efficiently and issues with air quality and combustion fume backdrafts are prevented. Since whole-house fans can introduce outdoor allergens like pollen and dust into the home, they’re not a good choice for allergy sufferers.

To learn whether a whole-house fan is a good choice for your Grosse Pointe or Auburn Hills home, contact the experts at Aladdin Heating & Cooling.

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