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electronic air cleaners remove particulate matters detroit michiganDo you know what the top five environmental health risks are? According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is one of them.

Particulate matter refers to small, often microscopic impurities found in the air. It originates from a wide variety of sources — pet dander, smoke, dust, bacteria and industrial pollution to name just a few. Dusting and vacuuming are not only insufficient for removing a significant portion of airborne particulate, they may even increase this undesirable matter. Unfortunately, extreme weather or outdoor pollution often limits the option of freshening indoor spaces with outdoor air.

Particulate matter does matter! It’s known to cause or exacerbate a number of detrimental health effects, from mild allergic reactions to asthma and other chronic breathing ailments. The American Lung Association points out that children and the elderly are especially sensitive to impurities in the air, and to developing chronic breathing conditions if overexposed. Particulate matter in the air can also cause unpleasant odors.

As awareness of the harmful side effects of indoor air pollution increases, air cleaners have grown steadily in popularity. If you are concerned about the air you or your loved ones breathe — particularly with preventing or mitigating allergies and breathing illnesses such as asthma — you may want to consider getting an electronic air cleaner.

Like traditional air filters, electronic air cleaners remove the airborne impurities that cause odors and lung irritation. Unlike mechanical filters, electronic air cleaners do not rely primarily on a filter to catch particles; instead, particulate matter is electronically charged as it passes through the cleaner. The charged particulate is then drawn to an oppositely charged collector plate, where it remains trapped until the plate is cleaned. This process eliminates even the tiniest particles and leaves your air pure.

In this day and age, when just taking a walk outdoors will expose you to all sorts of airborne impurities, an electronic air cleaner is a great way to ensure confidence in the health of your loved ones indoors.

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