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Your boiler is a long-term investment that controls not only your comfort, but your energy costs as well. While your boiler doesn’t require constant attention, it is important that you address its maintenance needs. It is estimated that almost two-thirds of all boiler failures are the result of inefficient operation and maintenance practices. Boiler maintenance by an HVAC specialist will help you get the most from your heating system for years to come.

A water treatment program is necessary to remove impurities from the water that can damage boiler components. You will need your HVAC expert to work with you to establish a program that directly addresses your local water supply and the contaminants that can cause concern.

Both the fire and water sides of your boiler need to be cleaned so that soot and scale is removed. This can affect how efficiently your boiler operates. Refractory materials should also be checked for damage and signs of deterioration, and replaced or repaired if necessary.

The safety relief valve is an important safeguard from overpressure and needs to be tested and inspected regularly. Various debris from the boiler can affect its operation so it needs to be checked to make sure it will work if needed. Simply lifting the test lever will ensure that it is operating properly.

The flame safeguard control is another feature that needs to be working properly. It ensures that the boiler lights, operates and shuts down properly. It is responsible for purging dangerous combustible gases and can be quite dangerous if it isn’t operating correctly.

Low-water cutoff controls protect the boiler from operating when there is not enough water. Without these, the boiler can cause itself to be overheated, which can cause steel components to become warped or ruptured. These controls must also be inspected during boiler maintenance.

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