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In-floor radiant heating systems, although a little more expensive to initially install, can be an affordable and efficient method of heating your home in the long term. This type of system provides exceptional comfort and if installed properly, it can be more energy efficient than the bulk of forced air furnaces on the market today.  If you want comfortable, even temperatures across your whole home while maintaining lower energy bills, then this could be the option for you.

Your home will be heated from the base upwards if you install an in-floor radiant system. A series of pipes will allow hot water to flow beneath the floor and from here warmth will be emitted upwards. The heated water is then returned to the boiler and the process repeats again and again.

The energy that heats the water may come from a few different origins. Modern systems that have been designed to be kind to the environment range from solar powered technology to more unique systems that are able to use heat stored deep in the ground to warm your home.  In Michigan, solar systems tend to have a MUCH longer financial payback period due to our skies often being gloomy and cloud covered. Most commonly, natural gas or propane systems are still used.

Other Benefits

  • No cold areas within a room. Heat is distributed evenly because of the designed layout of the piping system.
  • Higher humidity levels in general. With more moisture in the air, the thermostat can be set to a lower level and the house will still feel warm, reducing costs.
  • Less dust and mold. These allergens can be circulated through the home when using forced air heating systems.
  • These systems can be installed in conjunction with programmable thermostats, which have been proven to save money.  The thermostat can be set so the radiant system heats up your home just prior to your return after work and likewise, it can lower the temperature during time periods you plan on being away from home. These thermostats require little maintenance and are easy to use.

When installing a radiant system, you may want to consider how the water for the system will be heated. Some heat sources are more reliable than others.

A radiant heating system has a number of benefits with the two main ones being less energy use and increased overall comfort.

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