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Water Heating Savings: Short- and Long-Term Suggestions That Will Stretch Your WalletIn most homes, heating water ranks as one of the highest energy consumers. If your water heater wastes energy, you’re paying unnecessarily higher energy bills. It’s fairly easy to achieve water heating savings, especially if you follow these short- and long-term tips.

  • Install low-flow devices on water taps and showers. When a lot of water meters out of the faucets, you pay to heat that volume of water, whether you need that much water or not. You can install low-flow aerators on the faucets and showerheads around the home to limit the amount of hot water in each use, and still achieve an adequate supply of water for your needs.
  • Don’t let plumbing leaks go unchecked. Leaks in the hot water pipes are particularly problematic, because they waste water and energy. Make it a habit to periodically check the pipes throughout the home for leaks, keeping a close eye on pipes hidden under cabinets, or other areas that you don’t access frequently.
  • Older standard storage tank water heaters tend to lose energy through the tank walls. Applying an insulating blanket or jacket around the tank stops standby losses, where heat moves through the wall, and causes the unit to have to heat more water to compensate. Follow proper installation procedures for electric and gas models to avoid safety hazards.
  • Boost your water heating savings by insulating the pipes extending in and out of the water heater. Insulation on the initial 6 feet of incoming and outgoing pipes will keep water temperatures consistent, and help avoid extremes.
  • Whenever you purchase appliances, select Energy Star-qualified systems, which will help you achieve optimal water heating savings, and ensure that your appliances don’t needlessly waste energy.
  • Be consistent with annual service for the water heater. Keeping it in good operating condition helps it perform at its peak, ensuring the system operates reliably, and delivers optimal energy savings for you.

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