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Why Does My Water Heater Keep Going Out?Water heaters keep you comfortable in your home all year-round. The heating components in water heaters are kept warm by burners, which initiate heating when triggered by the pilot light. However, if the pilot light fails to light, the burner won’t turn on, preventing water from warming up. If you live in the Detroit region of Oak Park or Sterling Heights and encounter water heater problems, it could be due to:

Insufficient gas supplies: Your pilot light needs to stay lit and all valves have to be open if there’s a flow of gas to the burner. Always confirm if your tank has sufficient gas to keep your pilot light lit. While some gas could be flowing inside the supply tube, chances are that the gas will ignite a flame over the burner, but will eventually extinguish.

A dirty pilot light: Ensure you maintain a clean pilot light. Failure to do this may result in a malfunction of your water heater. The tip of a pilot light may prevent sufficient flow of gas if it’s dirty. Cleaning the tip regularly using a toothbrush can help remove build-up of grime and soot, hence solving the problem.

A malfunctioning thermocouple: A thermocouple that’s unresponsive could be a probable cause as to why your heater is going out. It’s among the vital components that control the functionality of your water heater. It generates electric current depending on the amount of heat available. If heat is unavailable, the pilot light remains off and the gas supply is terminated. Use a digital tester to confirm if the thermocouple connection is working properly or if it’s faulty and needs a thermocouple replacement.

Electrical issues: Electrical problems are common in many heating systems. If your HVAC unit triggers a breaker shut-down, fix it only if you’re an expert in electrical works. Otherwise, seek help from a water heater specialist.

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