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If you’re upgrading your furnace in the future, you’d be wise to consider a system that includes a variable-speed furnace blower. It offers three distinct benefits for homeowners who use them, advancing energy savings, improving home comfort and managing humidity.

What is a furnace blower?

The furnace blower is the component of your heating system that pushes conditioned air into the ductwork. It doesn’t affect the efficiency of your system’s fuel consumption, but it does affect the efficiency of distributing conditioned air and lowers your electrical consumption.

How does a variable-speed furnace blower work?

With technological advancements, furnace blowers can now easily operate at several speeds, where as first-generation systems were set to a single speed — high — and they limited homeowner control.

Today, however, a variable-speed unit operates using less electricity and more often — these two keys lead to comfort and savings. Because the blower can function at a variety of speeds, it runs more continuously at lower speeds, responding to the weather demands accordingly.

Upon initialization, the furnace blower will begin at a low speed, helping to avoid that loud, often cooler blast of air that traditional systems produce. Then, and only if the weather demands it, the blower ramps up to higher speeds.

The benefits

Due to a variable-speed furnace blower’s operations, homeowners reap several benefits including:

  • Energy savings – The system consumes less energy throughout the day by operating consistently at lower speeds and lower gas consumption levels.  This process has proven more efficient than the frequent and continuous on/off cycles at full speed and full gas consumption levels that former furnaces modeled.
  • Comfort – With a continuous but low-speed heat distributed throughout your home, you’ll stay more comfortable, and your home won’t be subject to the discomfort often associated with standard blowers that blow cold air upon initialization. Additionally, because the variable speed blower motor doesn’t ramp up to high speed as often, your home stays more comfortable in terms of lower sound levels from the newer motor’s quiet operation.
  • Humidity – When combined with your A/C in the summer, a variable-speed blower does a better job of managing humidity because it runs more often.  It can even help with getting colder air to those hard to reach rooms because these blowers are able to achieve higher static pressures in the duct-work.  Increased static pressure works to force cold, dense, and heavy air through the duct-work more quickly.

If you’d like more information about how a variable-speed furnace blower can improve your home comfort, energy savings and humidity levels, contact the experts at Aladdin Heating & Cooling.  In addition to providing service to Royal Oak, Birmingham, and Bloomfield Twp., we’ve been servicing Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties since 1945.

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