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The winter season brings with it a special set of health concerns, but UV-light systems are more than capable of alleviating common winter health problems. Because today’s homes are effectively airtight due to new construction technologies or home-efficiency improvements, they have less access to fresh air. That’s a problem, because we tend to spend more time inside our homes during winter, which means we’re exposed to poorer indoor air.

To further the problem, the winter season brings with it the likelihood of colds and flu, due to bacteria and germs in the air. But it’s these pollutants that UV-light systems are designed to target.

How UV lights work

Connected to your HVAC equipment, UV lights emit their powerful rays as the air in your home circulates through the furnace and UV-light system. Once pollutants are subjected to the UV rays, they are essentially no longer harmful, because the UV rays kill the cells, zapping the core of the cells’ DNA so they can’t reproduce.

With each pass of air through the system, more of your home’s air is targeted by the powerful rays, so the system increases indoor air quality with every day that passes.

A bonus benefit

With UV lights at work in combination with your HVAC system, they also clean your furnace’s components, ensuring that buildup doesn’t occur, and enhancing its overall efficiency and life span.

Additional options

If your main concern is targeting bacteria and viruses, a UV-light system is the answer. But be sure to select a system that doesn’t also emit ozone in order to work, which can further decrease your home’s indoor air quality and pose a significant health hazard.

You can now purchase air-purification systems that combine UV lights with other technologies to target additional pollutants, like pet dander, dust particles, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) which cause odors.  One of the leading air purification models is the Lennox Pure Air Air Cleaner.  See our website www.AladdinHeating.com for more details on this system and others like it.

Get advanced solutions to winter indoor air problems by having a UV-light system installed. It can take care of summer humidity problems too, like mold, for better indoor air quality year-round. Contact the air purification experts of West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Twp., Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, and Beverly Hills at Aladdin Heating & Cooling.  Serving Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties since 1945.

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