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Use Tax Credits During the Summer and Save on A/C EquipmentPurchasers of high-efficiency equipment such as furnaces, central air conditioning systems, water heaters, stoves and fans can claim tax credits valued at up to 10 percent of their new equipment. But that credit is only available for equipment installed between January 1 of 2012 and December 31 of 2013—not much time remains to take advantage.

The tax credits available for a new, high-efficiency central air conditioning system are generous–up to $300 for an air conditioner or heat pump, either split system or package — and the energy savings you will realize after you have the equipment sized and installed will add up. So if you’re looking for one single thing to install or upgrade in your home this year, an air conditioning system is a prime choice.

Shopping for and installing your A/C or heat pump

Keep the following in mind as you look for a new air conditioner and/or HVAC contractor:

  • Your unit should be sized correctly; bigger does not mean better. Floor space isn’t the only factor involved in deciding on a proper unit. If your contractor doesn’t spend an hour measuring floors, ceilings, and windows and checking insulation in the walls, attic and crawlspaces, you should be wary. Insist that he or she use Manuals J, D and S to size correctly.

  • Look for the Energy Star logo. That means the unit has earned the U.S. Department of Energy’s seal of approval for efficiency. Double check with your contractor and online sources that the unit meets the standards of the tax incentive program.

  • Your unit MUST be installed correctly. A shoddy installation can affect efficiency and performance. Make sure that ducts are correctly sized and located, that the outdoor condenser is located where neither neighbors nor you will suffer from the noise, that there are sufficient supply and return registers and that, once installed, the unit has correct refrigerant charge and airflow as specified by the manufacturer.

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