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Don't Forget the A/C: Summer Vacation ChecklistIf you’re planning on taking a summer vacation, you may want to review a few of these tips on how to prepare your home before you go. Alleviate a ton of worry by doing these three things before going on holiday.

Don’t turn A/C off

Although it may feel like a money saver to turn off the A/C, it may not be the best idea. Maintaining a climate controlled environment will keep your pets happy and your plants alive. Purchasing a programmable thermostat can do a lot to save energy and is an excellent alternative to turning off the A/C altogether. Nobody wants to come home to a muggy, hot house — especially after enjoying the summer sun on vacation for several weeks. Keeping the air conditioner running — along with keeping a few lights on — will also indicate to would-be burglars that somebody is home.

Unplug appliances

To ensure complete safety while you’re gone, unplug as many power cords from appliances and other electronics as possible. This will help reduce the possibility of electrical fire and lower energy costs. Also, thunderstorms and lightning can cause severe damage to computers if they’re left on. If you hire a house sitter, ask them to turn off the lights in unused rooms or unplug unneeded electronics.

Hire a house sitter

Asking a friend to watch your home or hiring a house sitter is always a good idea. Be sure to leave pertinent contact information with the person including a way to contact you. In case of emergency or power failure, it may be a good idea to leave the phone number of the A/C technician with the house sitter and other contact information for utilities or relatives. A power outage can occur during the hot summer months, and if your house sitter doesn’t know whom to contact, you may return from your vacation to a smelly refrigerator and a sauna for a house.wilted plants

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