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The term “standby generator” indicates something that is always there in the background, ready to produce power for your home when normal power fails. It is like an insurance policy, a sprinkler system, a fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector — any other item prepared to cope with an emergency. With violent weather patterns becoming more common, shouldn’t it be considered just as important for your home and family as other emergency devices?

Electrical Dependency

As modern technology has progressed, we’ve all become more dependent on electricity. Heating and cooling equipment, television, radio, refrigeration, communication devices, security and medical equipment all require electricity. How long can your home run without these? A day, two, a week? A standby generator ensures they all continue to operate, whether you’re at home or away.

More Need, More Affordable

As the need and popularity of standby generators has grown, so has their affordability. They have evolved into devices that match homeowner’s needs:

  • Basic Services: The smaller, most affordable type can continue to run necessary operations such as heating, security systems, refrigeration and a few lights.
  • Mid-Range: This type is more costly but is prepared to run more services. These standby generators can tackle all the basic functions with added items such as sump pumps, more lighting, hot water, televisions and computers.
  • Whole-House: These generators are the most powerful (and most expensive). However, they are tied into every circuit in your home and are designed to respond to every electrical demand.

Standby generators sense when power is lost and start up automatically. They also sense when regular power is restored and turn off in the same way. They run on diesel, natural gas or LP gas. In most cases, as long as the fuel is supplied, they continue to run for as long as needed.

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