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A smart thermostat offers homeowners the ultimate convenience when it comes to controlling home temperatures. These smart programmable thermostats feature programming capabilities to reduce waste while advancing comfort — with an added perk. Learn how they work, and the features they employ.

Programming features

Just like standard programmable thermostats, smart programmable thermostats give you full control over when and how often you run your furnace and air conditioner. Select a device that allows you to set a different daily program according to your weekly schedule. For instance, if your daily schedule differs every day of the week, select a 7-day model. In that way, you’ll maximize savings and comfort, and the device will allow you to set start and stop times that match when you’re home. If your schedule doesn’t vary much during the week, purchase a 5-2 model, with just one program for weekdays, and one program for weekends.

Smart features

Smart thermostats outshine standard programmable thermostats with their ability to connect to your home’s WiFi. This connectivity gives you an edge when it comes to:

  • Programming the device. You can use the web-based software to get a larger view of programming options, instead of the small, often hard-to-navigate thermostat screen.
  • Accessing the thermostat. As long as you have access to a computer and internet connection, you can control the thermostat’s settings and your home’s temperature. Some models feature an app you can download to your smartphone for easy control.
  • Learning capabilities. Some smart thermostats include adaptive learning technology. Over time, the thermostat learns occupant usage patterns, making minute adjustments to when the HVAC system starts up to maximize savings, and how long the system needs to restore the home to comfortable temperatures.
  • Last-minute adjustments. Don’t fear drastic temperature or schedule changes any longer. The smart thermostat lets you adjust the thermostat before you return home, boosting comfort.
  • COST. These Smart, Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats generally cost more than standard programmable thermostats.  Currently, a good expectation is to spend anywhere from $275 to $600 on the thermostat itself and then an additional $150-$300 for installation labor if you are unable to install it yourself and need the help of a professional.  If you are not familiar with high- and low-voltage wiring, it is always best to seek the help of a professional.  The $150-$300 cost is MORE THAN WORTH IT when you take into consideration that a minor mistake during the installation could damage other intricate components of your heating and cooling system, potentially costing you hundreds more dollars in circuit boards, electronic relays, igniters, etc.

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