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Avoid Seasonal Allergies this Spring With These TipsSpring is a beautiful time of year. Trees flaunt their pink and white blossoms and birds come out to play. Unfortunately, seasonal allergies are a serious issue this time of year as well. Flower pollen, prairie ragweed and primrose are all serious allergy-causers in Michigan. Use the following tips to avoid seasonal allergies this spring.

  • Keep the windows and doors closed. It’s tempting to let that pleasant breeze waft in through an open window or screen door, but the breeze carries unwelcome allergens with it. Lower the presence of outdoor allergens in your home by keeping windows and doors firmly shut.
  • Seal air leaks. Most homes are at least a little leaky. Leaks waste energy by letting conditioned air escape. When the pressure reverses, leaks also let outdoor allergens creep in through gaps and cracks in your home’s outer envelope. Take an afternoon to weatherstrip and caulk around windows and doors.
  • Upgrade the air filter. Examine the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of filters sold at home improvement stores. Opt for MERV 5 to 8 for better air filtration while maintaining optimal airflow through the system.
  • Change the air filter. Your MERV 5 to 8 filter can only do its job if it’s clean. A clogged filter can’t trap particles with high efficiency and some particles sneak through the edges of the filter, circulating back into the air you breathe. Plan to check the filter monthly and change it after no more than three months.
  • Use an air cleaner. Portable room air cleaners are very useful to run at night in your bedroom while you sleep. A more thorough option is to install a whole-house air cleaner in the HVAC system. This takes the place of a regular air filter and performs incredibly effectively without impairing airflow. Seasonal allergies are the primary reason homeowners choose to install whole-house air cleaners.

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