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Because ducts are hidden from sight, you may not think about them when you’re wondering why your utility bill is so high, or why it seems more difficult to cool or heat your home. The fact is that proper duct sealing plays a big part in reducing utility costs and maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Leaky ducts can cause you to lose up to 20 percent of your conditioned air before it even reaches the register; up to 60 percent if you have leaky ducts and poor insulation. Losing conditioned air means that your system has to work harder and longer to keep your home comfortable — costing you hundreds of extra dollars in utility costs each year. According to Energy Star, properly sealed and insulated ducts can save you up to 10 percent on your heating and cooling costs.

Other advantages of properly sealed ducts include improved indoor air quality by reducing the amount of pollutants that can enter your home via ducts, and increased safety (combustion gases, like carbon monoxide, are released by gas appliances — properly sealed ducts can prevent backdrafting of these gases). The use of less energy also contributes to protecting our environment.

All of the ducts throughout your home, both exposed and hidden, should be inspected and repaired. Duct joints should be properly connected and sealed, and holes should be located and sealed.

Duct sealing isn’t extremely hard but it needs to be done properly and with the proper type of sealing materials to avoid failing of the seals, and to ensure optimal air retention. An expert can perform an energy evaluation and tell you where the problem areas are, and how they can be effectively repaired. A thorough inspection of your system, along with the proper repairs, will ensure that you get the most comfort and efficiency.

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