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How to Install Rooftop Dryer Vents to Protect Your Michigan HomeWhen in use, dryer releases hot gases. These gases can cause damage to your home so they should be vented out of the house if the dryer is kept indoors. The most common way of getting these gases out is by installing rooftop vents. It may sound like a daunting task to install rooftop dryer vents which should be left to experts but in reality it is an easy task which can be done by anyone.

Start by choosing the location for the vent opening. This should not be more than 25 feet from the dryer because most dryers can only handle a maximum of 25 feet vent. Trace the size of vent on the ceiling using a pencil then use a saw to make a hole in the ceiling wide enough for the duct to slide through. Trace again on the rooftop and make the hole.

Climb on the roof and make finer cuttings on the hole you made from the inside. On the perimeter of the hole spread roofing tar and insert the pipe which is connected to the vent in the hole. The vent flashing should be worked under the raised shingles which are then let to fall on it. The flashing should be nailed to the roof using the 1-inch roofing nails. Connect the vent cap.

Connect 4-inch elbow to the vent at the back of the dryer then position it facing the roof vent and then clamp it to secure it. Use 4-inch metal pipe duct to connect the dryer to the vent pipe on the roof. Remember to insulate the part of the vent that comes into contact with the attic. Secure the insulation using metal foil. The importance of using insulation is to avoid gases condensing on that section of the vent went temperatures outside are low causing lint which can block the vent.

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