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Regular Maintenance of the Air Conditioner for Longer DurabilityMany A/C refrigerant problems in an HVAC system can be traced back to a lack of regular maintenance. By doing regular routine maintenance, you will increase the durability of your unit and ward off many of the A/C refrigerant problems that can occur.

One of the most important things to do, and also one of the easiest, is to check your filter. This should be done on a monthly basis, more often if you have smokers or pets in the home. Hold the filter up to a light, and if you cannot see readily through it, either clean it or replace it. A clean filter allows your air conditioning unit to run more efficiently and more effectively.

While you’re at it, check the air conditioner case for dirt, debris and vegetation that may be impeding air entry into the condenser. Any grate or grill work covering the top or the sides of the unit must be kept free to allow air to pass through to the fan. The condenser coils must also be free and clear to provide maximum efficient cooling.

Lastly, check your registers and ductwork yearly, to make sure they are connected tightly and working properly. Make sure nothing is placed in front of registers that might hamper the air flow to a room, and if ductwork has become separated, use mastic and self-tapping sheet metal screws to fasten them back together.

Doing just these few simple maintenance tasks will greatly reduce any A/C refrigerant problems you may have with your air conditioning system, and you’ll remain cool and have peace of mind all cooling season long.

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