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What Are The Advantages Of Using Radiant Heating Systems?Many homeowners here in the communities of Southfield and Farmington Hills, MI, are discovering the advantages of radiant heating systems for their homes. Many other homeowners are curious to know what the fuss is about. The compelling idea is that these efficient heating systems provide superior comfort through convection heating (the natural circulation of heat rising from the floor) and radiant heat transfer (infrared radiation), delivering heat directly from the heated surface (floor) to people and furnishings in the room.

Here are more benefits of radiant floor heating:

  • Hidden from view: Radiant systems also offer versatile design options with quiet-running equipment that works out of sight.
  • Avoids duct losses: In addition, energy and long-term cost savings are significant.  Since radiant heating systems use sealed piping to deliver heat as opposed to duct-work, these systems completely avoid the common duct losses associated with forced-air, ducted heating systems.  This can amount up to a 20% savings!
  • Allergy-friendly: Because radiant systems don’t rely upon moving air to provide heat, allergy sufferers often prefer them.  Forced air systems can easily kick up dirt, dust, animal hair, and pollen near floor registers during equipment operation.
  • An inexpensive option: Hydronic radiant heating systems use electricity sparingly, which works well to avoid high electricity costs as well as for rural homes, off the power grid.
  • Fuel-versatile: Hydronic systems can be heated with various energy sources, such as natural gas boilers, oil-fired or wood-fueled boilers, solar water heaters, or using a combination of methods.
  • Electricity is also an option: Electrically-powered radiant floors can be cost-effective with a thick concrete floor, since you can “charge” (or store heat in) the concrete during cheaper, off-peak (generally daytime) hours. Stored heat could then keep the home warm for the next eight to 10 hours overnight.
  • Increased comfort: Radiant systems often receive notice for their high level of warmth and comfort. Many converts comment that radiant heat transferred from the floor feels better when compared to forced-air systems.
  • Zoning compatible: Radiant systems can be zoned or divided so that certain sections of your home can be kept at different temperatures.

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