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What's Up With R-22? The Price, for One ThingIf you have had any problems with your air conditioning system in the past few years, you may be aware of the R-22 (Freon) phaseout required by the Environmental Protection Agency. As mandated, the production of Freon will continue to diminish over the coming years and will eventually cease altogether in 2020. Therefore, this will create a very high demand from those needing a refrigerant recharge for older air conditioners that were produced to use Freon. As any casual follower of economics will tell you, the price of R-22 is bound to go up. 

The price has already gone up dramatically, actually. Just in the last couple of years, consumers are paying up to four times as much as just a few years ago. This problem will not go away, so you may be asking yourself what you can do. First, have an HVAC technician check out your system for leaks and repair them, if found. Another option to consider is going ahead and replacing your system with a new one that does not use R-22. Especially if your air conditioner is 10 years or older, an upgrade is likely your best bet. Any air conditioners manufactured after 2010 use alternative refrigerants that do not harm the ozone layer, so there is an added bonus that you will be using an environmentally friendly unit.

Additionally, if you choose to replace your current system with a more modern unit, many benefits are apparent. Worrying about the price of Freon will no longer be your concern, for one. Upgrading to a new system will also improve your home’s efficiency while lowering your utility bill. Regardless of your decision, you should definitely take into account the rising cost of R-22 and its ever dwindling availability.

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