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Using a programmable thermostat in Ferndale, Berkley, Birmingham, or Southeast Michigan in general can help you lock in energy savings, while prioritizing comfort. Whether you already have a programmable thermostat or you’re planning to install one this year, keep the following tips in mind in order to maximize your investment and your potential savings.

Optimize performance by…

  1. Following manufacturer’s manual. The specific recommendations for installation will vary, depending on the manufacturer and model you choose, so read the manual and follow recommendations carefully.
  2. Considering location. Where you locate the thermostat can actually dictate how well the device will work. That’s because thermostats “read” the temperature in the immediate area surrounding them, so it’s important to take care to avoid ghost readings. Ghost readings are defined as readings that falsely drive the temperature up or down as a result of exposure to sun, drafts, an open door, or heat gain from windows.

One other factor to consider when assessing the best location for the device is ease of use. The programmable thermostat should be ideally positioned so that you can easily program it. If it’s installed too high on a wall, it might be difficult for most family members to access. If it’s installed too low on a wall, that position might also be difficult for users. Ideally, the thermostat should be installed at eye level, according to who will be using the device.

Once you install and find the right location for your programmable thermostat, you should program the device.  The most efficient way to use a programmable thermostat is set it to maintain a comfortable temperature while you’re at home and a lower, energy-saving setting for when you’re out of the home (or when you’re sleeping). Homes typically save the most energy and save the most money by adjusting the temperature to energy saving levels of only 2-4 degrees different from the home’s normal, occupied hours.  Otherwise, the heating and cooling equipment tends to operate for such a long period of time when adjusting the temperature back to your normal, occupied setting that it defeats the savings achieved during the original set back.  Also, be sure to use energy-saving settings for at least eight hours to maximize savings.  It’s very difficult for a heating and cooling unit to be efficient if the home’s temperature is constantly being adjusted every couple of hours.  More importantly still, constant temperature adjustment forces heating and cooling equipment to turn on and off more frequently, which leads to increased equipment wear and tear.

To get the most out of your investment in a programmable thermostat, make sure it’s properly installed and ideally located. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy your improved home comfort and energy savings.

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