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Troubleshooting Tips for the Pilot Light on Your Home FurnaceGas burners in all furnaces are triggered by the pilot light. This light is either lit manually or by an ignitor and has to remain burning when your furnace is on. If this light goes out, your furnace will turn off. Basically, your gas furnace is controlled by this component. Sometimes the component will fail to light, but the solution might be just a simple fix, which you can accomplish yourself.

Here are some troubleshooting tips, which can get your furnace working again.

The Pilot Doesn’t Stay Lit

The pilot can go out when the thermocouple closes the gas valve because it’s not producing enough heat to burn all the gas coming in the burner. This prevents the gas from entering your house and causing a fire. If this happens, you should first reignite your furnace.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, then your thermocouple may need to be inspected. You can call a professional in Royal Oak to inspect and replace your thermocouple. After replacing it, your furnace should work like brand new again.

Irregular Flame

Normally, your flame should be very steady and blue, but sometimes you might notice a yellow tingle. If this occurs, adjust the flame using the screw on the pilot by following the instructions on your manual.

Flickering Flame and Spitting Motion

Flickering flames can be caused by air drafts. Establish where the draft is coming from, and then seal it to protect your furnace. Spitting motion is caused by dirt in furnace tubes. Cleaning these tubes should solve the problem. Additionally, dirt can accumulate on the tip of your pilot, leading to a gas blockage. Make it a regular maintenance practice to remove debris using a small nail.

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