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Mold: Yes, It's a Problem in Winter as WellMold is normally thought of as a spring and summer problem, but even in the chilly Michigan winter mold can grow in your home. Mold can cause structural damage to buildings and cause a number of health problems for residents.

One reason for mold growth during winter is heating. The furnace will keep you warm, but that heated air, which at times, may contain high levels of moisture, can be trapped in your airtight home. Mold, which breaks down organic matter, may be plentiful after fall plants begin to decay. Mold spores from all this decaying organic matter can find their way into the moist, warm conditions in your home.

While mold can grow almost anywhere with moisture there are a few key spots your should check for winter mold growth.

  • Heated attics are perfect for mold. The heated air that drifts up through the ceiling may come in contact with the colder air outside. This causes condensation. This condensation can drip onto ceiling beams and insulation creating warm, moist areas for mold.
  • The indoor walls against the exterior walls of your home can also suffer from mold growth. Much the same way condensation forms in the attic it will form here as the heated air meets the colder air.

Once you’ve discovered where to look for mold problems you should start thinking about ways to prevent its growth.

  • Make sure your attic is properly ventilated. Use a ventilation fan to keep the air flowing. This will help dry condensation. You should also consider not heating your attic space.
  • Use dehumidifiers in rooms where condensation is a problem. Removing the moisture will inhibit mold growth.
  • Consider placing an air purifier in your home. Spores are normally airborne and by removing them you can help prevent some mold growth.
  • Complete fall maintenance. By removing decaying leaves and other plant matter you can reduce the amount of mold in your yard, meaning less in the home.

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