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Minimizing The Risk Of Moisture Damage When Your A/C's On All The TimeAs summer temperatures rise, people across the country count on their air conditioning systems to keep homes cool and comfortable. Regular maintenance helps prevent common problems associated with A/C usage. One of these common problems is moisture damage. Condensation is a byproduct of A/C usage, which can lead to moisture damage in and around your home.

Potential  Damage

Condensation causes water to collect in walls and ceilings, causing cave-ins. Increased moisture also fosters mold and mildew growth, which can lead to poor air quality and health issues in your home.


Annual maintenance by a trusted HVAC professional is the ideal method for preventing moisture damage caused by the A/C. Evaporation coils and drainage system failures are the most common pieces of air conditioner equipment that contribute to moisture damage. Moisture collects on evaporation coils and passes into the air conditioner’s main drain. A coil breakdown or clogged drain can cause water to collect in other areas of the home.

Having a professional A/C checkup each spring allows you to check for potential problems before they can cause significant, costly damage. Your technician will clean out the main drain and the emergency drain, clean and repair coils and ensure the refrigerant level is ideal before switching on your A/C for the summer cooling season.

Additional Preventive Tasks

In addition to an annual checkup, there are several tasks your HVAC contractor can perform to specifically prevent potential damage.

  • Algaecide treatment: Algae growth in drain lines causes clogs. Have your HVAC contractor flush an algaecide product throughout the drain system to prevent algae growth.
  • Safety float switch installation: A safety float switch cuts off power in the event of drainage failure. Should water begin to collect in the drain pan, the float switch turns off the air conditioner. This power failure will allow you to contact an HVAC contractor before damage occurs.

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