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Your Indoor Air Quality Will Benefit From These HVAC UpgradesPollutants like mold, pollen and dander trigger allergy symptoms, and can make life unpleasant even for those without allergies. There’s good news if you’re having trouble keeping indoor air quality levels in your home in the healthy range. Consider these HVAC upgrades that will give you an edge over pollutants in every season, resulting in much improved indoor air quality.

  • Ventilation – Employing a ventilation system increases the rate of air exchange in the home, pushing pollutants out as fresh air makes its way in. The solution to poor air quality may also includes installing exhaust fans in the bathrooms to reduce humidity, or employing a whole-house system that recovers energy while circulating fresh air through the home.
  • Humidity control – High humidity levels in your basement can lead to mildew problems and mold growth. Once it gains a foothold, mold is costly and difficult to remove. Consider installing a dehumidification system to keep moisture to a minimum. Whole-house systems offer comprehensive control, with low maintenance costs.
  • Filtration – Improving the efficiency of the filter installed in your air conditioner and furnace boosts indoor air quality. Work with your HVAC professional to select the right minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) filter for use with your systems, balancing particle-trapping capabilities with airflow needs. Be sure to change the filter regularly for optimal air quality.
  • Air cleaners – If a home occupant suffers regularly from allergies or asthma, employing an air cleaner, along with investing in other HVAC upgrades, may prove useful. Air-cleaning options range from ultraviolet lights, which target molds and bacteria, to high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration, which captures more than 99 percent of the smallest particles, at 0.3 microns.

If you’re ready to consider one or more of these HVAC upgrades that improve indoor air quality, give the experts at Aladdin Heating &Cooling a call today! We’ve served Birmingham, Ferndale, and Beverly Hills since 1945, and we’re happy to help our neighbors with all of their heating and cooling needs and indoor air quality problems. We’ve got the expertise to accurately diagnose the problem, and offer the best solution that fits your budget.

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