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Improve Your IAQ by Buying Green HouseplantsIf you’re interested in improving your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) for better comfort or health and you’re on a limited budget, forego expensive filtration systems for now and start with plants. While a cleaning system may be helpful, explore the power of plants first, which can do a great job removing pollutants from the air.

Not just any plant is an effective air cleaner, but there are many fairly common plants that can remove certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are dangerous substances that can cause breathing problems. Here are some of the best plants to buy for your home to improve your IAQ:

  • Aloe – A plant that is not only simple to grow, but effective at clearing the air of benzene and formaldehyde. The liquid from aloe is often used in medications, and may be handy to have around to treat cuts or burns.
  • Spider plant – Named for its sprawling leaves, the spider plant is another easy to grow plant that doesn’t require much attention. It also removes benzene from air, as well as trichloroethylene.
  • Mother-in-law’s tongue – Recognizable by its pointy thin leaves, this plant is excels at removing formaldehyde from air. It is best in low sunlight conditions and does well with humidity, making the bathroom a good spot.
  • Gerber daisy – Daisies are beautiful plants that need a lot of sunlight. If you give it some care, it will help you breathe easier by filtering out trichloroethylene and benzene to improve your IAQ.
  • Golden pothos – An intricate, fast-growing vine, the golden pothos is a powerhouse at removing formaldehyde from air. Given this ability, the garage is a suitable place for one or two of these plants.

Plants are an inexpensive and relatively effective way of cleansing your home’s air of some of the contaminants it contains. While you won’t match the power of an advance filtration system, use these plants to take a step towards better air.

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