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Banish Pollutants And Improve Your Home's Indoor Air QualityIndoor air quality has become a priority for homeowners throughout Grosse Point and Ferndale. Indoor pollution is on the rise, and outdoor climate factors also contribute to poor air quality. Knowing the sources of pollution that affect indoor air quality will help to improve your family’s health and overall quality of life, along with implementing indoor air quality solutions.


Common sources of pollution that exist within most homes include:

  • Emissions from combustible equipment, like a gas furnace or wood-burning stove
  • Your home’s building materials, including paints, insulation or wood
  • Home furnishings
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Radon
  • Pesticides
  • Smoking
  • Air fresheners


Three effective solutions exist to indoor air quality problems:

  • Source removal — One low-cost way to eliminate pollution is to remove the source of the problem. You can take measures such as buying low-emission paint and green furnishings. In addition, remove old paints, garden pesticides and harsh cleaners commonly stored in basements or storage areas, and buy “green” options.
  • Ventilation — Implementing a ventilation system will help to provide a source of fresh air and a means to exhaust old, stale air, and improve the overall air circulation rate inside your home.
  • Air purification — An air cleaner can help to address existing pollution sources, as it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate pollution from within the home through the two solutions described above. Your HVAC contractor can help you explore the many air cleaning options, and find one that will take care of pollution that exists within your home.

Often the most effective solution is to combine all three indoor air quality solutions. Removing the sources of pollution as much as possible, ensuring adequate ventilation and using an air cleaner will improve your home’s overall indoor air quality, and ensure that your home is as healthy as possible.

With effective steps to improve indoor air quality, you can take your home comfort to a whole new level. And for help in the Grosse Point and Ferndale areas, contact Aladdin Heating & Cooling today. We can help you identify problematic pollutants and offer a complete line of indoor air quality solutions. We’ve been serving Oakland, Macomb, Wayne Counties since 1945.

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