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Hiring the Right HVAC Contractor for the JobWith the huge number of contractors in any given area, it’d be hard to throw a rock out your window without hitting one. Finding the best HVAC contractor for your home, however, is a bit more difficult than that. This is why we’ve done some of the work for you by compiling these helpful tips:

  • Obtain a list of references — Contacting references is one of the best ways to learn about a potential contractor for HVAC installation. A contractor with nothing to hide will provide you with a list, no questions asked.
  • Prepare for a home inspection — A good technician will evaluate your home’s cooling and heating equipment, ductwork, energy efficiency, etc. to get an idea of what improvements might be necessary.
  • No over-the-phone estimates — If a contractor tries to give you an estimate over the phone without having visited your home, hang up and call someone else. Without a home inspection, it will be too much of a haphazard estimate to be taken seriously.
  • Extensive proposals — When a written proposal is provided, it should detail everything about the job, including price, the type of equipment that will be installed, warranty information, etc.
  • Checking for size — Unfortunately, many homes across the country have cooling and heating systems that are either too big or too small for their needs. Rather than trusting past analyses, a good contractor will calculate the needed size from scratch.
  • NATE certification — You should only hire technicians who have been certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence). With rigorous training and testing procedures, they give new meaning to “the best of the best.”
  • Professionalism throughout — Your experience with an HVAC contractor should begin with professionalism and end with professionalism. If, at any step during the process, you aren’t being treated in the manner you deserve, don’t be afraid to find another contractor.

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