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High-Efficiency A/C: 4 Benefits You May Not Have Thought OfYou already know a high-efficiency A/C can lower your summertime electric bills. That’s important considering Southeast Michigan’s warm, muggy summers, whether you’re in a bigger, higher-cost town like Troy or a small community like Lake Orion. Beyond energy savings, though, there’s more a high-efficiency system can do for you.

  1. Greater comfort — A high-efficiency A/C includes features that improve its performance. The variable-speed air handler is one example. This type of air handler contains an ECM (electrically commutated motor) rather than the older PCS (permanent-split capacitor) motor. An ECM adjusts your fan speed based on your cooling demands, which reduces temperature fluctuations and helps prevent hot and cold spots. It also helps with humidity, which is especially important if you’re in the Grosse Pointe area, Warren or another location near the water.
  2. Ease of use — Many high-efficiency air conditioners come with features that make the system more convenient to use. A digital display with touchpad control is easier to read and program. A fan-only switch lets you run your fan without cooling, so you can get good ventilation at night without running up your energy bills. A check-filter light reminds you to inspect your air filter on schedule so your system doesn’t suffer reduced efficiency due to a dirty filter.
  3. Longer component lifespan — High-efficiency air conditioners typically contain cutting-edge technology that’s not only more efficient, but also more reliable. ECMs factor in here, too. Because of the way these motors operate, they last longer than PCS motors. Modern scroll compressors also help. These are both more efficient and less leak-prone than the older reciprocating compressors.
  4. Rebates — Some power companies in Southeast Michigan offer rebates on the price difference between a mid-efficiency and high-efficiency air conditioner. With one of these rebates, your total cost for buying a high-efficiency A/C will be the same as for a less efficient model.

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