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Heat Pump A/C of Interest to You? Read on for How Long It Will Last, and Other Things You Need to KnowIf you are thinking about installing a new heating and cooling system in your Farmington Hills home, a heat pump A/C might just be your ideal home solution. Heat pumps are a great energy-efficient alternative to conventional furnaces and air conditioners that will provide you with comfortable temperatures at an affordable rate all year long.

Heat pumps operate like a refrigerator, using electricity to transfer heat from a cool space into a warm one. During the winter, a heat pump will transfer heat from outside into your home. During the summer, a heat pump A/C transfers the heat inside your home outdoors.

Because they transfer heat instead of generating it like traditional heating and cooling equipment, heat pumps can radically reduce your home utility bills. For every unit of energy they consume, they provide four times the amount of energy. In contrast, a conventional combustion furnace cannot exceed an operating efficiency of 100 percent, in other words one unit of energy consumed for every one produced. This energy efficiency makes heat pumps an excellent spring addition to your Grosse Point home, just in time for the hot, humid days of summer.

The lifespan of an installed heat pump depends on several factors, including installation and maintained service. When properly installed, ideally by an expert HVAC technician, and maintained, heat pumps last an average of 15 years. If you are thinking about installing a unit in your home, consider the following important maintenance steps to ensure equipment longevity.

  • Regularly clean or replace equipment air filters as per manufacturer recommendations.
  • Make sure the unit’s coils and the outside condenser fins are kept clean.
  • Ensure that the outside unit is kept clear of plant overgrowth. It’s recommended to have at least 18 inches of clearance around them.
  • During winter, ice may collect on the outside coil. Frost impedes the heat pump’s operations. Regularly check to be sure your system’s defrost cycle is working to prevent this.

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