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Heat Pump Not Cooling? Find the CauseWhen your heat pump is not cooling properly in warmer weather, you certainly want to get it functioning again to keep your Clarkston home comfortable. Cooling trouble may create efficiency problems, too, which can increase energy bills. Use these troubleshooting tips to try to get your system online before you make a service call.

Cooling Principles

Heat pumps need free airflow to promote maximum refrigerant heat exchange across the coils, much the same way your refrigerator keeps food cold. Sophisticated electronics and computer boards regulate all functions. When your heat pump is not cooling, start here:

  • Electronics — Check the thermostat one more time, and make sure it is in COOL mode and the temperature setting is three or more degrees below the reading. If there is no power to the thermostat or heat pump, check for a tripped breaker at the circuit panel.
  • Refrigerant — If refrigerant charge is low, the system cycles on and off frequently. Low refrigerant may also cause ice accumulation on the coils. Check the indoor coil located in the air-handling unit. If it is frozen in ice, set the thermostat setting to FAN for one or two hours to defrost the ice. If it ices up again, call your HVAC professional. If there is no ice, but the coil is dirty, use a soft cloth to wipe it clean (turn off the system for one hour first).
  • Airflow — Free airflow is a vital component for efficient system operation. Check the air filter to see if it is clogged with debris. A dirty filter impedes airflow across the indoor coil, which increases energy consumption, stresses components and can cause system malfunction.

Professional Service

If the cooling issue is not resolved, call a reputable HVAC professional. A thorough diagnostics should be performed to locate the trouble. Also, if your heat pump is making loud noises, such as scraping, squealing, banging and/or clanging, turn the unit off and call your pro. Running the unit under these conditions can cause catastrophic failure.

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