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5 Tips for Properly Installing a Heat Pump in Your Michigan HomeIn Southeast Michigan winter weather can bring a lot of snow and frigid temperatures, while summertime can bring intensive heat and humidity. That means you need heating equipment for winter, and cooling equipment for summer. 

A heat pump draws heat from the air or the ground to be used to heat your home, or the reverse of it, to cool your home. Your heat pump can also have a Solar Ready option to help generate electricity to help cut down on electrical costs. A heat pump can also be used to heat water for your family’s use.

The greatest advantage to installing a heat pump in your home is that you do not have to install separate equipment for heating and cooling. Your new heat pump will do both. A heat pump is energy efficient because it transfers heat instead of burning fuel. When installing a heat pump, it is recommended you have it done by a professional. Here are five useful tips when installing a heat pump:

  • Heat pumps are usually installed outdoors and must be on a stable base like cement high enough to be free from risk of flooding and above the average snow line. Heat pumps for a hot water heater may be indoors, but must have at least 750 square feet of space.
  • Refrigerant lines must be connected by an EPA-certified technician. He will determine the required length and height of these lines.
  • The electrical power must be connected by a certified technician. He will ensure that it will be connected to a proper 220 volt source.
  • Once your heat pump is installed, it is time to run it through its three cycles: cooling, heating and defrosting.
  • Maintain your heat pump by routinely checking that there are no leaves or other obstructions around it. Clean the filter by either vacuuming it, or washing it with warm water. Have a licensed professional maintain it annually, checking it for quality performance.

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