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Installing a Heat Pump: Why It's Important to Do It ProperlyYou already know installing a heat pump is a job for a professional, but you may not realize not all HVAC professionals do this job correctly. From Auburn Hills to Grosse Pointe, there are contractors who rely on out-dated guidelines or cut corners in ways that reduce your system’s efficiency. Knowing what heat pump installation entails helps you ensure your contractor follows best practices.

Before you purchase your heat pump, your contractor should advise you on sizing and inspect your ductwork. To begin installing a heat pump, the contractor will mount the outdoor unit on a slab of concrete. Next, the indoor unit will be installed. Finally, the contractor will install the electrical lines and the copper tubing that carries the refrigerant between the two units.

Your home’s energy efficiency — Improving your home’s energy efficiency will reduce your heating and cooling load, allowing you to buy a smaller heat pump. For greater energy efficiency, consider upgrading your insulation, sealing air leaks around your home, and installing energy-efficient windows and doors.

Load calculation and sizing — Sizing your heat pump based on your home’s square footage is quick, but it will also leave you with an incorrectly sized and therefore less efficient system. To accurately size your heat pump, your contractor should perform calculations of your home’s heating and cooling loads by following the process outlined in the HVAC reference Manual J.

Air delivery system
— Before installing a heat pump, a responsible contractor will inspect your ductwork. Undersized ducts, insufficient return air and air leaks reduce your system’s efficiency. Ask your contractor to ensure your duct air leakage is less than 10 percent.

Refrigerant charge
— Split-system heat pumps are charged with refrigerant during installation. An incorrect refrigerant charge impairs the system’s efficiency. When your contractor verifies the system’s temperatures and pressures after installation, check that the test results match the manufacturer’s specifications.

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