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The Ductless Mini Split: A Heat Pump With PerksWhen you’re looking for an alternative way to condition a space, whether adding to your Warren home or remodeling, consider a ductless mini split. These are heat pumps that deliver conditioned air without the use of ductwork, and they have a host of advantages over HVAC systems that use ducts, including:

  • Versatility. A ductless mini split is one of the most flexible systems for heating and cooling. These systems consist of an indoor air handler, outdoor condenser and a connecting conduit. The air handlers can rest on the floor or hang from the ceiling or wall. The conduit may be as long as 50 feet, giving you options for placement of the components. Larger condensers can support up to four air handlers, giving you options for expanding the system in the future.
  • Energy efficiency. Forced air HVAC systems rely on ducts to deliver air. When none are present, no thermal or air losses can occur due to leaking or uninsulated ducts. Like ducted heat pumps, ductless mini splits meet the base industry standard of 13 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). In our region, it’s also important to consider the HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) if you want to cut heating costs. Ask your HVAC contractor to show you systems that use scroll compressors, which are capable of providing more heat than standard compressors.
  • Easy installation. When HVAC installers put in central HVAC systems, they have to adjust the ducts to fit the new system or construct new ones, which adds considerable time to the project and expense, not to mention the loss of space ducts create. This is not a concern with ductless systems. Also, the refrigerant for mini splits is installed at the manufacturing plant, eliminating this step during installation, and smaller systems use 110-volt outlets, eliminating the need to upgrade a circuit.

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