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Get Tough With Heat Gain: Here's HowHeat gain is unwanted heat that gains access to your home through solar radiation from passive light, poorly sealed windows and doors, loose duct fittings or through heat buildup in the attic or leaks around pipes in the basement. The heat raises the temperature in a room or throughout the house, causing the air conditioner to work extra hard to lower the temperature. As the air conditioner works harder, more energy is used. As more energy is used, the more it costs to cool your Farmington Hills home. Keep your energy costs low by getting tough on heat gain. Here’s how:

  • During the day the sun’s heat can warm up a room with light shining through window panes. During the summer months, keep blinds and curtains drawn to prevent the sunlight from heating up the interior and raising energy costs.
  • Plant trees and shrubs on the side of your home that receives direct sunlight. This can also keep sunlight from warming rooms in your home.
  • Install awnings or shades to cut down on sunlight entering the home.
  • Open windows in the evening when the temperature is lower outside than inside your home. This will let the warmer air out and freshen your home.
  • Reflective window film can be installed to the inside of your windows to cut down on the amount of radiation entering the home. Choose a window film with a rating of 0.40 to cut down on solar heating and yet to allow sufficient natural light to enter.
  • Consider a lighter shade of roofing materials or paint to your home’s exterior. Lighter colors reflect sunlight, while darker colors absorb heat.
  • A radiant barrier may help cut down on heat in the attic.
  • Install weatherstripping around doors and windows so that heat can’t enter and your cool air can’t escape.
  • Use caulk around window frames, pipe openings and electrical outlets to keep cool air in and to prevent heat from gaining entrance.

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