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Get Familiar With Furnace and Boiler Efficiency Ratings Before You Buy A New ModelMost homes and businesses throughout the United States are heated by furnaces or boilers. Both types of heating systems have the same efficiency rating system, which you should become familiar with before you start shopping for a replacement.

Boiler and furnace efficiency ratings are determined by the amount of fuel the system can convert into useable heat. This is called annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE. Today, furnaces and boilers are required to be clearly marked with their AFUE so consumers can shop wisely.

AFUE is a ratio of fuel consumed to heat generated and is given as a percentage. For example, a unit with 80 percent efficiency is able to convert 80 percent of the fuel into heat for your home or business. The 20 percent that remains escapes through the chimney.

It’s important for home and business owners to become familiar with boiler and furnace efficiency ratings because units with higher AFUE ratings consume less fuel to generate the same amount of heat and cost less to operate.

Keep in mind that no matter how high the boiler and furnace efficiency ratings are on the units you are comparing, they can only live up to their ratings if they are installed correctly. That means working with a knowledgeable technician is just as important as selecting an efficient model in your price range.

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