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5 Ways to Maintain Your Geothermal SystemTaking advantage of the latent heat energy underground is a smart way to lower high home heating and cooling costs. When they’re installed correctly and receive proper care, durable geothermal systems are much easier to maintain than traditional A/Cs, heat pumps and furnaces.

If you’re considering investing in a geothermal system, there are five key factors that can ensure its efficiency and longevity:

Hiring a Qualified Installer

Look for a licensed HVAC professional who has experience with geothermal systems. Your chosen installer needs to factor in your property’s geography for your system to work properly and provide optimal comfort and energy efficiency. To avoid unnecessary equipment wear and inefficient short cycling, it’s vital that the system is accurately sized too.

Inspecting the Piping

The copper or plastic underground piping loops are one of the critical components of a geothermal system, and they’re designed to require minimal care. Whenever routine maintenance is performed, they should be tested to identify any leaks that could affect heating and cooling efficiency.

Verifying the Antifreeze Level

The antifreeze mixture that travels through the underground piping is what absorbs and releases heat energy. If too little is added during installation, the system won’t perform as expected. Your contractor should verify how much antifreeze is required, and perform a check during routine maintenance visits to ensure the level remains constant.

Keeping the System Clean

Although the outdoor portion of a geothermal system requires little maintenance, the components inside your home need the same routine care and cleaning as a standard HVAC system. If dirt and debris builds up on the heat exchanger and blower motor or in the drain lines and vents, you could face unnecessary repairs or equipment failures.

Maintaining the Air Ducts

Sealing and insulating ductwork is essential to prevent costly conditioned air losses, and having the ductwork cleaned periodically can help preserve indoor air quality.

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