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Homeowners around West Bloomfield, Commerce Township, and the Greater Detroit area in general are catching on to the fact that geothermal is the most efficient home energy system currently available. There are several different ways geothermal ground loops can be installed, and the right system for you will depend on factors like your surrounding geography.

Horizontal closed loops
The most popular installation method is the horizontal closed ground loop. A system of “trenches” will be dug, roughly four feet deep. The pipe is installed in a loose coil, like a slinky, so more length can be fit into a smaller area. The amount of piping you’ll need will vary depending on factors like the size of your house, but this method usually requires a decent amount of land to be accomplished efficiently.

Vertical closed loops
If your yard space is limited, ground loops can be installed in deep, vertical holes. This method is just as efficient, but installation can be a little more expensive because of all the digging. Vertical installation has the benefit of not disturbing much of the surrounding landscape. It’s also often the way to go if the top layers of soil are loose or sandy.

Pond or water closed loops
If you happen to live near a pond, lake or other body of water, the ground loops can be installed at the bottom of the water–assuming it’s at least eight feet deep and meets other minimum requirements. This is the most efficient technique, because water holds onto heat energy more efficiently than soil. Installation is usually easier (and sometimes less expensive) than other methods.

Water open loops
An open loop system is practical if your land has enough surface water or deep wells. Instead of having coils of pipe all linked together, this system draws water from a well or other surface water source and uses it to transfer heat to or from the systems’s evaporator coil (depending on whether the Geothermal System is in the heating or cooling mode).  Once the water is done being used as a heat transfer mechanism, it is then expelled back into a surface water source by means of an “open” ground loop pipe.

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