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Time for a Furnace Replacement? Questions to Ask Your HVAC ConsultantIf you’re considering a furnace replacement in the southeast Michigan area, perhaps because your furnace inspection revealed that your older furnace needs substantial maintenance, you’ll want to do your homework before choosing a furnace contractor to be sure you’ll get the best deal. Here are some of the most important questions to ask a potential contractor:

  1. What kind of guarantees are there? Find out how long the manufacturer’s warranty is and what kind of work it covers. Ask the contractor if they provide any additional assurances.
  2. If the furnace you’re purchasing is a condensing type, where will the contractor place the condensate drain hose, and will he or she check the drain to make sure it is working right?
  3. What’s included in the furnace replacement¬†quote? Does it include all potential work or is there the possibility of surprises?
  4. What kind of filter will be used? Filters vary in price, ease of changing them, and how long they last.
  5. If the furnace is a forced air furnace, will the existing ducts be able to handle its airflow or will new ductwork be needed? Ductwork can be both costly and require extensive work to access the ducts hidden in ceilings and walls.
  6. Does the contractor charge to make adjustments to the furnace during the first heating season to ensure that it is heating properly?
  7. How will the contractor determine whether the furnace is properly sized? A unit that is too small will run constantly and waste fuel. A unit that is too large will cycle off too quickly and not heat the entire home.
  8. If an immediate furnace replacement isn’t needed, is there a discount for waiting until after this year’s heating season?
  9. Can the contractor provide a list of satisfied customers willing to act as references?

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