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Top Warning Signs Your Furnace Needs RepairThe temperature is dropping outside, but you still want to maintain a comfortable home. Is your furnace up to the task? Watch for these top warning signs your furnace is in need of a repair.

Strange Noises

Popping, rattling and banging sounds from your furnace are clues your equipment is having trouble. The noises could be caused by a loose belt, an ignition problem or a component about to fail. Don’t wait until the problem causes complete system failure. Instead, call a technician to perform furnace repair without delay.

Yellow Flame

Check the burner flame while the furnace is running and make sure it’s a steady blue color. If the flame flickers or appears yellow, this is a sign that excess carbon monoxide is being generated by your furnace, some of which may be entering your home and endangering your family. Take this warning sign seriously and seek immediate furnace repair.

Comfort Problems

If some rooms are cold while others are hot, your furnace could have a circulation problem. Constant drafts indicate your furnace is no longer able to heat your entire home effectively. Overly dry or humid air is another comfort problem you might experience. Watch for high instances of static shock or condensation on windows to pinpoint humidity problems.

High Heating Bills

Compare your bills to ones you’ve received in the past two years. While gas bills are expected to rise in the winter, if costs are significantly higher this year, your furnace may require a repair.

Unexplained Health Problems

Poor air quality is another sign your furnace needs attention. A cracked heat exchanger could release carbon monoxide into your indoor air. Unexplained health problems, such as frequent headaches, nausea, disorientation and flu-like symptoms, are signs of prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide. Before calling a technician, open windows and doors and vacate the premises. If you have a cracked heat exchanger, you may need to replace the entire furnace.

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