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Make Your Gas Furnace More Efficient With These Simple TipsYour gas furnace offers dependable and energy efficient heating. And it’s possible that you can make it even more efficient by giving it the periodic attention it needs, as well as by using it wisely.

Have it professionally maintained. Nothing improves the performance of gas furnaces more than professional maintenance. Having your gas furnace professionally serviced annually will keep it running as efficiently as possible. Your HVAC technician will clean and adjust crucial components, bringing them back to factory standards. The inspection may even turn up small problems that are easier and less costly to fix when found early.

Check the air filter. Forced-air furnaces pull a considerable amount of air through your system, trapping airborne particulates. Over the course of a month, dust may buildup on the filter, slowing down airflow. Reduced airflow translates to higher energy costs, since it will take your furnace longer to heat your home. Ask your HVAC technician about the best kind of filter to use with your system and when to change it.

Keep an eye on the ductwork. Ducts can loosen and tear at any point, even in new homes. If you notice that a room is suddenly cooler for no particular reason, have your ducts inspected. Besides losing the air you’ve paid to heat, a loose or leaking duct can pull dirty air inside your home, along with carbon monoxide from any vented gas appliance you use.

Use a programmable thermostat. If you’re away on a routine basis, install a programmable thermostat to manage indoor temperatures. You can set lower temperatures when you’re not home to reduce wear and tear on your system and lower energy consumption. You can choose from an array of features based on your lifestyle and family characteristics.

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