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Why is Your Gas Furnace Making Strange Rumbling Noises?When your gas furnace starts making rumbling noises, it’s time to call your HVAC expert. Because your comfort and safety are at risk when your furnace starts to make an unfamiliar noise, getting it checked out sooner rather than later may save you money in the long term and safeguard your family’s health.

Soot and Grime

The most common cause of rumbling furnace noises is a buildup of soot and grime on the burners. A tremendous amount of gas goes through your furnace during the heating season, and if you don’t have the system professionally cleaned and adjusted each year, grime can start building up. When soot collects on the burners, it can block airflow, resulting in unexpected noises.

A dirty ignition system component may also cause a rumbling noise. Your HVAC technician will clean and examine the pilot light or igniter, cleaning and making adjustments as required.

A more serious reason behind a rumbling or rattling gas furnace could be a cracked heat exchanger. This metal part can crack over time, primarily caused by a buildup of dust. If the crack goes all the way through the exchanger, it can leak carbon monoxide (CO) into your home’s air.

Heat exchanger cracks often require an expensive repair or a complete furnace replacement. If you suspect that this could be the problem, turn your furnace off and call a professional immediately. CO can reach deadly levels in a tightly closed home quickly.

Loose Parts

Rumbling may also be caused by a loose screw, especially if a housing panel vibrates as the furnace runs. A panel inside the furnace may also be loose.

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